Digital Marketing for DayCare Centers

Now a day’s working parents is the most common situation in any house. Once a couple got to know they are pregnant they will start their search for a daycare. Daycare where their child is treated with special attention and a safe place for their little one. They expect to trust the place and people in that center.
While their search of a daycare center mostly 8 out of 10 consumers use internet to do their research of finding a best day care provider. 72% trust online reviews given by other parents. Whereas, web results have a great influence on most of the people in their decision making.
Online marketing refers to a set of strategies and tools are used for promoting their services to get more leads which can be turned to sales.
Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement in DayCare Center:
1. Design a self-explanatory Website:
First Impression is the best impression. Digitally when the parents start their search. The website is what they look into. Have a website designed which has strong content, easy to navigate and keep the website update.
Always upload Images with photos of children, it’s a great way to attract prospective new parents, be sure to get permission from the parents before posting photos on web. Keep updating with news, curriculum changes and helpful tips.
The fails can occur when there is a poor designed website and bad grammar can do a lot of damage to the image and Content, it will hurt the image of the daycare center marketing process.
Using Infographics
Instead of explaining the content with long blocks of text, Content can be kept in visual format. By using Infographics in the website, we can convey information with quick visual aids and it can reach more people in effective way.
Using Authentic Images
Using authentic, real life scene photos is more effective. Other than using the stock photos which are accessible to everyone and used by many is not worth to upload.
Getting real kids, with all their sweet, unpredictable, authentic energy will get more response than flawless stock photos. Every visitor to the website expect to get a feel of the Daycare Center to get the realistic feeling of the Day Care Center.
1. Optimization of the Website
Once the website is ready what is the most important thing to do is SEO/ Optimization of the website. For example, when prospective parents in your area are looking for child care center using google, when your website is optimized your website will appear in their google search result. Which will give parents to look at your website.
There are three ways to get into the top of search result
• Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
You can auction system to bid on keywords and gain placement at the top of the page. The top four results in google are of the PPC.
• Google My Business
Google My Business is free listing which ties into local search and Google Maps. Its Important to Optimize the content in the website well and having more positive reviews will help to get into this listing.
• Organic Listing of the Website
In Organic Listing of the Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a major role on optimizing the website content with targeted keywords, getting some backlinks and blog writing.
1. Create a Video
Website which has videos included or a Virtual tour included will have more number of leads. While shooting the video things to be highlighted are security level of the Daycare Center, show the atmosphere of classes, Introducing the staff, having parent’s testimonial and review of curriculum.
1. Social Media Presences
Having Social Media Presences is becoming an obsessive activity of every individual. For a Service oriented company having social media presences will help to get more leads.
1. Facebook
Having Facebook page is essential for a Daycare center. But having an external (for new customers) marketing page and creating a private group for current parents will be helpful in making the existing customers to be in inner group with the management. Where as this will keep certain communications to be private and parents will always love that they have a private community group with other parents and educators where they can share news and updates.
In the page created for the new customers / parents, we can post about the openings and special offers, share articles, blogs and tips and share artwork or projects that students have completed. Instead of forcing them to enroll in every message have a friendly conversation like sharing family- friends events and clothing sales and other activities which will be beneficial for them personally.

1. Twitter
Twitter we can auto-posting from Facebook. And can have discussions of parents by retweeting interesting posts and news.
1. Pinterest
In Pinterest we can post favorite recipes, crafts, family & friendly ideas and events, games and other activities. By Pinterest we can get parents know that we include crafts and other interesting activities in the curriculum which will boost interest in them.
1. YouTube
YouTube is a platform to have virtual connect with customers. By uploading professional videos and funny videos to tell our story to the customer will be easy and effective way. Show casing after school programs, customer & kids testimonials will help the Daycare center to get more leads.
1. Instagram
Instagram is a great way to share pictures on social media, and can use this outlet to share play spaces, artwork, crafts, activities, and staff (with permission).
1. E-mail Marketing
Email marketing is great for day care centers because it allows the center to communicate reminders, events, closures, etc. This is also chance to share who won “teacher of the week/month” as well as graduation dates, healthy recipes, lunch/breakfast menus, and other school news.

1. Reputation & Reviews
Having a positive review will make other person to follow the same. While a bad review will result of loosing not just one customer but many other in the line. But there is nothing worse than an unhappy parent telling people to stay away from you.
In this digital world. “Word of Mouth” is called has “Online Reviews”. Reviews seem to pop-up everywhere, from well-known sites like Yelp and and main other place to see the reviews are facebook.
The steps to get positive review are :
• Every parent who are associated with the Daycare center has ability to give review online. Providing great service and exceptional environment for kids is main thing to get positive review.
• Its always good to ask a happy parent to give a review and reward them or their child. It will motivate them to give more good reviews in different platforms. These positive reviews will fight back when needed.
• Having a updated review over the comments and responding on the bad comments is always good.
1. Marketing tools & CRM Tools
Using a Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Software will benefit in getting a organized marketing, advertising and lead – generation activities.
Marketing Software like Marketing 360 makes management of marketing far easier. This software will include email marketing and CRM software. Through this software we can manage all the campaigns from one platform, track activities over time and see the results instantly. The data collected through this can be used in improving the campaigns and strengthening the competitive advantage.

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